Missing tourist still not found

08.11.2019 - 14:33
Missing tourist still not found
The French man for whom the Faroese police were asked to launch a search operation in late September has still not been found
Frenchman Bastien Porée arrived in the Faroe Islands on 20 February and has not been seen since. Photo: politi.fo

Bastien Porée, 31, was last seen boarding Faroese ferry Norröna in Seyðisfjørður, Iceland, on 20 February bound for the Faroe Islands.

His family have not heard from him since late January. A friend of his was in contact with him in late February.

Police know that he alighted from the ferry in Tórshavn, because he has withdrawn cash at a cash machine in the Faroes.

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They also know that he has not departed the country by ship or by plane.

Mr Porée is 182 cm tall, slim, has blue eyes and piercings in his chin and his right ear.

If you have any information relevant to the search, please call the police on 114.

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