Football association: racism cases are uncommon

01.08.2021 - 14:25
Football association: racism cases are uncommon
The Faroese Football Association has taken a tougher stance on racism in recent years
Protesters at the ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally in Tórshavn last summer

The recent complaint about racial abuse at a football match is the first of its kind for many years, says Faroese Football Association FSF.

“We expect the clubs to react when such issues arise and take action immediately,” says FSF president Christian Andreasen.

He does, however, acknowledge that it can be difficult to determine exactly how the clubs should deal with incidents of racism.

“Other countries use undercover agents who keep an eye out for racist behaviour, but we have not yet reached that stage in the Faroes.”

He adds that FSF has adopted a tougher stance on racism in recent years. Adopting international standards, the suspension rules were amended last year to include a ten-day suspension for players who are caught displaying racist behaviour.


Read the Faroese version of this article here.

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