Study: vaccines are effective, especially for young people

18.11.2021 - 16:23
Study: vaccines are effective, especially for young people
A new study suggests that vaccinated youths in the Faroes are up to nine times better protected than unvaccinated youths
Maria Skaalum Petersen, of the Department of Occupational and Public Health, is the lead researcher of the new study

Vaccinated people in the 12-24 age group are nine times less likely to contract Covid-19 than their unvaccinated counterparts, reports

Vaccinated people aged 25 or above are three times less likely to be infected than those who are not vaccinated.

These are some of the conclusions of a new study based on positive test samples registered in the Faroes in September and October.

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Looking at all vaccinated people above the age of 12, the study found that this age group is four times less likely to contract the virus than unvaccinated people in the same age group.

“This may not be such a surprising result as many of the older people were vaccinated at the start of this year, and research has shown that the protection from the vaccine wears off over time,” says Maria Skaalum Petersen, lead researcher of the new study.

Forty-five new Covid cases

Yesterday’s 2,633 Covid tests resulted in 45 positive cases, reports

All have been notified by the health authorities, and extensive contact tracing is underway.

The daily numbers of positive tests over the past week have been as follows: 48, 29, 35, 27, 51, 27 and 45.

There are currently 407 active Covid-19 cases in the country. Seven people are receiving Covid treatment in hospital, and 11 Covid-related fatalities have been registered since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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According to the latest vaccination figures on, updated today, 91.6 percent of the 12+ population have received the first shot of the vaccine, 86.7 percent have received the second shot and 8.5 percent have received a third booster shot.

Plenty of vaccine doses are available to everyone aged 12 and over. Click here to book your vaccination appointment.

Those requiring assistance with filling in the forms can call 304545 on weekdays between 2pm and 4pm.


For further information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit

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