First Ukrainian refugees arrive

First Ukrainian refugees arrive
A married couple from Ukraine landed in the Faroes this afternoon after a long and arduous trip from their war-ravaged country
Nadja and Alexander Shvets landed in Vágar Airport this afternoon. Photos: Bjarni Árting Rubeksen
07.03.2022 - 18:07

Ukrainian-born Maria Shvets Olsen, who lives in Rituvík, acted swiftly when Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February.

She wanted to evacuate her parents from their hometown of Kirovagrad in central Ukraine and bring them to safety in the Faroes.


Maria Shvets Olsen pictured (centre) with her parents at Vágar Airport

On Friday 4 March, her parents – Nadja (65) and Alexander (70) Shvets – set out on a long and strenuous bus journey to the Ukraine-Poland border crossing, where they were greeted by Maria and her Faroese husband Ken this weekend.

And this afternoon, the family landed in Vágar Airport.

The first refugees arriving from Ukraine are now on their way to Rituvík in Eysturoy.

myndareportasja: Flóttafólk

Faroese/Ukrainian couple Ken and Maria preparing to drive their new visitors to their home village of Rituvík

Nadja and Alexander say they are grateful for being allowed to come to the Faroes as they do not know if they will ever see their home in Ukraine again.

More refugees from Ukraine are expected to arrive in the Faroes soon.


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