Idea contest for Roykstovan in Tvøroyri

Idea contest for Roykstovan in Tvøroyri
Tvøroyri City Council recently bought Roykstovan, the town’s first residential property, and is now looking for ideas on how to use the house
Mynd: Tvøroyri City Council  
03.04.2018 - 08:39

Tvøroyri City Council last month decided to let the public decide on new uses for Roykstovan, which dates back to 1836.

It is important that ideas take into consideration that Roykstovan is an central part of the town’s history, in terms of business development, culture and social life.

Three prizes will be awarded: 6,000 kr., 4,000 kr. and 2,000 kr.

The deadline for submitting ideas is 23 May at noon.

Roykstovan is located in the middle of Tvøroyri, opposite the town museum and the harbour

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