Vaccinated Danes offered free trip to the Faroes

31.03.2021 - 14:44
Vaccinated Danes offered free trip to the Faroes
In an effort to rekindle the tourism industry, Visit Faroe Islands is offering 1,000 Danish residents a free trip to the Faroe Islands
Guðrið Højgaard, CEO of Visit Faroe Islands, is offering 1,000 fully vaccinated Danish residents a free trip to the Faroes

The first 1,000 fully vaccinated Danish residents who sign up on the Visit Faroe Islands website will be offered a free one-way ticket to the Faroe Islands.

This is part of Visit Faroe Islands’ campaign to attract Danish tourists to the islands.

Reviving a struggling industry

“We believe this is a decent first step to get the tourism industry back into gear after a tough year caused by the pandemic,” says Guðrið Højgaard, CEO of Visit Faroe Islands.

Although 1,000 tickets to the Faroes will be free of charge, the initiative will create a positive ripple effect across the Faroese tourism industry, she adds.

“In addition to hotels and other local tourism operators benefiting from this initiative, Atlantic Airways and Smyril Line, both of which currently have lots of vacant seats, will also be seeing revenues from ticket sales for the return leg of the trip.”

Approved by health authorities

Visit Faroe Islands has been in close consultation with the Faroese health authorities, who have given the green light for the initiative, saying that the infection risk is minimal as travellers will be required to produce a valid vaccination certificate to qualify for their free ticket.

“This initiative has already attracted a lot of media coverage in Denmark – free advertising for us – and we hope this will revive people’s interest in the Faroe Islands as a tourist destination,” says Højgaard.

The initiative is a joint venture between Visit Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways, Smyril Line and Vágar Airport.


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