Supermarket recalls its branded cold-smoked salmon

03.04.2021 - 16:02
Supermarket recalls its branded cold-smoked salmon
Tuesday’s product recall now also includes Miklagarður-branded salmon products sold in Miklagarður, Bónus and Mylnan stores
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The Miklagarður supermarket in Tórshavn’s SMS shopping centre has taken its own brand cold-smoked salmon off its shelves due to listeria concerns.

Miklagarður’s own brand salmon products are filleted and packaged by seafood supplier Sjógæti, which on Tuesday recalled some of its products after they had been found to include listeria bacteria.

The recalled Miklagarður products are sliced cold-smoked salmon packaged after 1 March this year and sold in Miklagarður, Bónus and Mylnan stores.

People who have purchased these products are asked to either return them to the store where they bought them or throw them away.

Symptoms of listeria resemble those of the common flu, including fever, headache and in some cases stomach troubles.


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