Free vaccines for expats and long-stay tourists

03.05.2021 - 10:46
Free vaccines for expats and long-stay tourists
The vaccination programme will soon also include the hundreds of Faroese overseas students expected to travel home for their summer holidays

Upcoming changes to the national vaccination programme will involve free vaccines to Faroese nationals residing abroad and some long-stay tourists.

Details on qualification criteria and procedures for the expanded vaccination programme will be announced soon.

To avoid the possibility of two different vaccines being administered in the first and second shots, the Ministry of Health recommends that anyone vaccinated in the Faroes receives both shots in the Faroes.

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To qualify for free vaccines, expats and long-stay tourists will be required to stay in the Faroes for a specified minimum period, most likely 30 days.

In addition to allowing sufficient time between the two required vaccine shots, this condition is made to prevent so-called vaccine tourism, where people travel to other countries to get a vaccine not available in their home country, says health minister Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen.

There are currently 1,039 Faroese nationals studying abroad, 882 in Denmark and 157 elsewhere.


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