Cleaning jobs in high demand

20.09.2022 - 11:19
Cleaning jobs in high demand
Cleaning firm has seen a ten-fold increase in job applications in recent weeks

Not all employers are struggling to find workers, at least not for evening shifts.

Despite unemployment being at an all-time low, many people are looking for extra work hours, according to cleaning firms.

Jákup Heinesen, owner of cleaning service Dveylan, says that whereas he once struggled to find staff for day and evening shifts, the applications are now practically rolling in, especially for evening work.

”The number of applications for evening shifts has increased ten-fold in the past couple of months,” he says.

Extra income

“Most applicants have regular day jobs, either part-time or full-time. And we have noticed a clear increase in the 30-50 age group among our applicants.”

KvF spoke to other cleaning companies, including Skimma and Grundvask, and they say they are also seeing an increase in job applications these days.

When asked if the rise in job applications is due to people being short of cash due to inflation, Heinesen replies: “That’s a possibility. We don’t ask.”


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