Too few are taking their Covid booster shots

08.12.2022 - 13:45
Too few are taking their Covid booster shots
Chief medical officer urges the 50+ age group get their fourth-dose jab as new Omicron subvariants have been detected in Denmark
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With Covid-19 becoming a distant memory, the protection we received through previous infections or vaccines is starting to wear off.

Only 32 percent of the 50+ age group in the Faroes have taken their fourth booster shot, compared to 75 percent for the same age group in Denmark.

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“This is a cause for concern because new Omicron subvariants have been detected in Denmark,” says chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller.

“Over the last couple of years, we have seen big spikes in Covid infections around Christmas time. This is partly due to the virus spreading much more easily in cold temperatures and also because this is a time where we gather in large groups with our friends and families.”

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Although the infection rates are relatively low at the moment, he urges everyone aged 50 or over to contact their GP to get their booster shot.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”


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