Popular YouTube food channel visits Faroes

10.01.2023 - 14:19
Popular YouTube food channel visits Faroes
First episode about Faroese food is approaching 1 million views after only two days
Sonny, the host of the "Best Ever Food Review Show", fishing lobsters with locals. Photos: Best Ever Food Review Show

The "Best Ever Food Review Show", which has almost 10 million subscribers on YouTube, recently visited the Faroes to create a series about the country and its food.

This is the first time the channel visits Europe, and the team picked the Faroes as their first European destination.

Two days after the first episode in the channel’s Faroese-themed series was posted on YouTube, it had surpassed 800,000 views.

And the comments are generally quite positive. A viewer who goes by the name of Mindy’s Mom writes:

"Amazing from start-to-finish! What an absolutely stunning location! Sonny and team, I love how you always begin with breakfast, then move throughout the day. Everything is absolutely perfect! I love the drone shots, I love the music, I love Sonny’s comedic side, I love the people of Faroe Islands, and I love the food! Great job! I cannot wait for the next video to drop! ❤"

In this first episode, titled "European Lobster Trapping!! Seafood Gold in the Atlantic!!", the host catches lobster and other shellfish, eats at Tórshavn’s Roks restaurant and talks to a local expert about Faroese food culture.

The idea behind the "Best Ever Food Review Show" channel is simple: Sonny, an American citizen who lives in Vietnam, travels to remote countries to sample and review their food culture.

Nothing is too exotic for Sonny, not even fermented and dried meat, whale meat and blubber and poultry meat, all of which will feature in upcoming episodes of the Faroese series.

And Sonny does not shy away from showing how the food is caught and prepared.

Watch the first episode here.


Read the Faroese version of this article here.

More Faroese News in English.

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