New booklet aimed at bilingual children

08.07.2019 - 10:31
New booklet aimed at bilingual children
Local councils and the Immigration Office have published a booklet on bilingual children aimed at teachers and pedagogues

The growing number of newcomers is creating an increasing need for a structured approach to bilingual children.

A new booklet aims to provide guidelines for teachers and pedagogues on how to make life easier for bilingual children in Faroese schools and day-care centres.

“We cannot just adopt the practices used in other countries because elsewhere there are big groups of refugees who speak the same language, whereas in the Faroes we have 98 different languages, and the groups of children speaking the same language are much smaller. So we need a different approach,” David Im, integration coordinator at the Immigration Office, said at presentation of the new booklet last week.

The organisers say the aim of the new booklet is not to provide a comprehensive solution, but rather to initiate efforts to improve conditions for bilingual children in the Faroes.

For a copy of the booklet, contact the Immigration Office.


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