No social dumping police investigations so far

03.11.2019 - 04:59
No social dumping police investigations so far
The police investigations into the working conditions for foreign workers planned for the autumn have not started yet

Two months ago, the police, the Work Environment and Fire Safety Authority and tax authority TAKS signed a cooperation deal about investigating possible social dumping.

The three authorities set out to take a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes when foreign nationals are brought to the Faroes for work purposes.

When the deal was signed on 4 September, it was reported that the first inspections were expected to start in the autumn, but so far no such inspections have been carried out.

According to the cooperation deal, police will look at residence permits, the Work Environment and Fire Safety Authority will investigate working conditions while TAKS oversees the financial aspect.

Probe prompted by new report

The initiative comes in the wake of a new report, commissioned by 13 trade unions, on foreigners working in the Faroese construction industry.

In addition to criticising housing conditions for foreign workers, the report found that there is no organised control of qualifications when foreign workers are brought to the country, and this may make it difficult for authorities to investigate illegal salary procedures.

As part of the initiative, the police are planning to carry out unannounced inspections in workplaces that employ foreigners.


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