Breast cancer treatment under review

07.02.2020 - 09:09
Breast cancer treatment under review
The National Hospital has vowed to review its treatment of breast cancer following complaints from staff and patients

Breast cancer treatment at Tórshavn’s National Hospital has worsened in the past year, and staff are now calling for changes.

Staff have written to the hospital management arguing that patients have experienced significantly more post-treatment complications since a cancer deal was made with Aalborg Hospital in Denmark just over a year ago.

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Faroese breast cancer patients campaigned hard at the time to hold on to the previous system headed by Icelandic breast cancer surgeon Skúli Ásgeirsson. 

But this collaboration was terminated, and for the past year, Aalborg Hospital has been in charge of Faroese breast cancer patients, although most surgical operations are carried out in the Faroes.

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Responding to the complaints from staff and patients, National Hospital COO Tummas í Garði says that an evaluation of the new breast cancer treatment will be instigated immediately.

“We were very happy with the services of our Icelandic breast cancer surgeon, but we agreed that in order to future-proof our breast cancer treatment, we could not put everything in the hands of one person,” he says.

“Although we are generally satisfied with the treatment headed by Aalborg Hospital, we are seeing some organisational challenges, which we will take a closer look at now.”

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