Airline staff hit by Covid

16.09.2020 - 04:36
Airline staff hit by Covid
Atlantic Airways is not only suffering financially as a result of the pandemic

Eighteen members of the Atlantic Airways staff are currently in quarantine after nine of them recently tested Covid-19 positive.

Most of these nine are either pilots or flight attendants, and two of the latter have been working while being Covid positive.

However, although there are few certainties regarding the virus, Atlantic CEO Johanna á Bergi is convinced that no passengers have been at risk of infection.

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“Our cabin crew always follow the safety procedures 100 percent,” she says.

“These procedures include minimal contact between staff and passengers – only a few seconds during boarding and disembarking – so any risk of infection between cabin crew and passengers has been kept to an absolute minimum.”

Since the outbreak in March, the airline has tested its staff regularly, and this regularity has now been increased to daily tests.


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