MPs vote down same-sex parental rights bill

10.02.2021 - 10:52
MPs vote down same-sex parental rights bill
A proposal from the opposition regarding parental leave for same-sex couples has failed to gain parliamentary support
MP Johan Dahl represents coalition party Sambandsflokkurin (the Union Party)

There will be no changes in the law on parental leave (Barsilslógin) for now.

Despite support from a coalition member, Parliament yesterday voted down a bill and an amendment seeking to accommodate same-sex couples in the Barsilslógin.

It caused a stir in the government when Johan Dahl, representing coalition party Sambandsflokkurin, announced that he was going to vote in favour of the opposition’s proposal. 

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Dahl last month issued the following statement:

“As a democratically elected representative of the Faroese people, who elected to me to make laws that are intended to provide equal rights to all citizens, I cannot accept that we as a coalition government refuse to grant minority groups such as same-sex couples and their children the same legal rights to parental leave as the rest of the country’s citizens.”

This upset a number of coalition members, who said that Dahl was in direct breach of an internal coalition agreement not to support proposals from the opposition.

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In yesterday’s vote, 16 MPs voted in favour of the bill and the amendment and 16 voted against. A 17-vote majority vote is required for a bill to be passed.

Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen, who is the party leader of Sambandsflokkurin, says that the breach of the coalition agreement will have no further consequences for Dahl.

"But this has been a big blow to the coalition," the Prime Minister said yesterday.


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