Be alert of falling rocks

16.02.2021 - 14:15
Be alert of falling rocks
Drivers across the country are urged to be wary of rocks falling from mountains as the snow is melting away
This seven-tonne rock fell onto the road north of Hvannasund this morning. Photo: Landsverk

Road authority Landsverk is calling on drivers to be extra cautious of rockfalls over the next few days.

The warning comes after big rocks falling onto at least three public roads this week.

This morning, a seven-tonne rock fell down on the road between Hvannasund and the entrance to the Viðareiði tunnel in Norðoyggjar.

Yesterday evening, about ten rocks, weighing between one and four tonnes, fell onto the road between Funningsfjørður and Funningur in Eysturoy. And yesterday morning, rocks fell onto the road to Tjørnuvík, Streymoy.

All roads have now been cleared, but Landsverk is urging drivers to be careful as the risk of further rockfalls will continue for the next few days.

The rockfalls are caused by rising temperatures after a long period of snow cover.


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