Worn-out Faroese team trounced by inspired Scots

01.04.2021 - 05:12
Worn-out Faroese team trounced by inspired Scots
The Faroese national football team slumped to a 4-0 defeat against Scotland last night
Southampton striker Che Adams makes it 3-0 to Scotland

Three World Cup qualifiers in less than a week appeared to have taken their toll on the Faroese players when the took on Scotland last night.

Too many defence errors and a few missed chances at goal resulted in a 4-0 defeat at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Scotland piled on the pressure from the very start, opening the score in the seventh minute, courtesy of Aston Villa midfielder John McGinn.

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This did not dampen the spirits of the Faroese side, and 15 minutes into the game, Brandur Hendriksson Olsen was only a few inches away from levelling the score. But his long-distance shot was brilliantly saved by the Scottish keeper.

A few near misses by the Scottish strikers followed, but the 1-0 score held up until halftime.

The Faroese side came out strong in the second half, coming close to levelling the score in the first minutes when a keeper error left Jóan Símun Edmundsson with an open goal; however, the Faroese Bundesliga midfielder failed to convert the chance.

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The Scots then took control of the game, scoring three times in the space of 17 minutes to bring the final score to 4-0.

With one point after three games, the Faroese side is now joint bottom together with Moldova in Group F of the World Cup qualifiers. Denmark tops the group with 9 points, followed by Scotland (5) and Israel and Austria with 4 each.

The next game for the Faroese side will be at home against Israel on 1 September.


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