Handball women one step closer to EURO 2022

07.06.2021 - 06:44
Handball women one step closer to EURO 2022
The Faroese women’s national handball team is through to the next qualifying stage for EURO 2022
The Faroese women's national handball team celebrating yesterday's win against Israel

Yesterday’s convincing win against Israel secured the Faroese national team a place in the phase 2 qualifiers for the 2022 European Women's Handball Championship.

The Faroese women won their phase 1 group after beating Finland 21-19 on Friday and sealing it off with 29-25 win against Israel yesterday.

Thirty-two teams are competing for 12 places in the final tournament to be held in Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro next year.

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“What an amazing feeling,” said Turið Arge Samuelsen, who scored five goals in yesterday’s game.

“Now we get to play against all the big stars. We are always the underdogs, so who knows, maybe we can pull off some big surprises. Whatever happens, we have a massive challenge ahead of us.”

In phase 2 of the EURO 2022 qualifiers, scheduled to start in October, the Faroese team will face Denmark, Romania and Austria.


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