School pedagogue lockout eased

09.06.2021 - 07:25
School pedagogue lockout eased
All special needs pupils can return to school this morning
For a while it looked as if Tórshavn’s Skúlin á Trøðni special needs school (pictured) would be empty today But pupils and teachers have now been asked to come back

Forty-eight pedagogues who were banned from returning to work after Monday’s 24-hour strike have been asked to return to work this morning.

This comes after municipal trade union KAF and the finance ministry yesterday eased the lockout it placed on some 100 school pedagogues working in schools.

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Prior to the easing of the lockout, 91 schoolchildren with special educational needs had been asked not to come to school today due to a lack of special needs teachers. But they have now been asked to go back to school.


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