A helping hand for people with dementia

30.11.2021 - 14:42
A helping hand for people with dementia
The Alzheimer’s Society today issued a special badge which shows members of the public that dementia sufferers may need a helping hand

A new badge named 'Ein hjálpandi hond' (‘A helping hand’) is aimed at helping people with dementia to function in public spaces.

“It can be difficult to know that a person with dementia may need a helping hand in everyday situations that seem easy and straightforward to non-dementia sufferers,” says Ann Mari Jensen, chairwoman of the Alzheimer’s Society.

“Dementia sufferers may get lost when they go out, while others may need to be treated with extra patience for instance when paying with a credit card in a store. Now they can put a brooch on their jacket or a sticker on their credit card to inform others of their situation.”

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Sigrun Mohr, who has a relative suffering from dementia, says the new badge will make a difference because there is a great need for dementia sufferers to become more visible in public spaces.

“If you meet a person wearing this badge, you can ask them if they need a helping hand,” she says.

The new badge is available free of charge from the Alzheimer’s Society, phone number 788012.


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