New Year’s concert cancelled

08.01.2022 - 07:57
New Year’s concert cancelled
Last year’s televised concert will be aired tonight
Last year's New Year's concert

The annual early-January New Year's concert with the Faroese symphony orchestra normally draws in large audiences.

Due to Covid restrictions, the audience at last year’s concert was limited to a few TV cameras.

And, with the current Covid situation even worse than last year, the organisers have decided to cancel this year’s event altogether.

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"We’re all really sorry about this,” says Hans Petur í Brekkunum, who manages the Faroese symphony orchestra.

“Our musicians, singers and technicians have put in a great effort to organise this year’s concert, and we were all looking forward to the performance.”

The format of the concert has been changed numerous times to allow for proper social distancing but, realising that this is impossible with such a big orchestra, the organisers have now decided to cancel this year’s concert.

Rerun of last year’s concert

“I think last year’s concert was a great success, and I see no reason not to do a rerun on TV."

KvF’s TV channel will be broadcasting last year’s concert tonight at 7.30pm. You can stream it live here.

The New Year’s concert is a collaboration between the Faroese symphony orchestra, the Nordic House and Kringvarp Føroya.


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