Covid peak ”not far away”

26.01.2022 - 12:17
Covid peak ”not far away”
Yesterday’s Covid figures are high, but not as high as Monday’s all-time high of 913, says chief medical officer
Chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller

As of yesterday, there were 4,466 active Covid cases in the country.

“The real figure is probably about 20 percent higher as there will inevitably be some undetected cases,” says chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller.

“We will most likely be seeing a new all-time high in the coming days, but we are nearing a peak now.”

Monday highs

Monday’s all-time high of 913 cases marked the fifth consecutive Monday with record-high daily figures.

180 new cases were registered on Monday 27 December, 279 on 3 January, 380 on 10 January, 728 on 17 January and 913 last Monday.

Møller is, however, reluctant to draw any conclusions from this correlation.

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“Further variables need to be considered, such as the number of daily tests on weekends, the positive rate and the days of the week that people decide to get tested."

Møller reckons that about a quarter of the Faroese population has so far been infected with the Omicron variant.

The daily numbers of positive tests over the past week have been as follows: 363, 727, 533, 616, 518, 525 and 913.


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