Faroese seaweed research leads the way

14.06.2022 - 10:49
Faroese seaweed research leads the way
Ambitious project seeks to produce 12 new products from sugar kelp for use in food, medicine, cosmetics and animal feed.
Ocean Rainforest is the first Faroese company to be selected to head a Horizon Europe research project

Faroese seaweed producer Ocean Rainforest has been selected to head a major EU-funded research project.

The DKK 70m Seamark project consists of 25 international, cross-disciplinary partners that aim to build more resilient food systems and decrease reliance on fossil-based products.

One other Faroese company, Leirvík-based seafood research centre Sjókovin, is among the 25 partners in the consortium.

The project will commence on 1 July and is due for completion in four years’ time.


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