Report: Faroes handled the pandemic well

10.01.2023 - 13:15
Report: Faroes handled the pandemic well
The Faroes had relatively few deaths, only minor disruptions to daily life and the public accepted the safety measures, according to new assessment report

The Faroes handled the Covid-19 pandemic well compared to other countries.

This is the main conclusion of a new assessment report, titled "Hvussu stýrdu Føroyar gjøgnum Covid-19 kreppuna?" (“How the Faroes navigated the Covid-19 crisis”), published yesterday by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The conclusion is based on three general points.

Few deaths

Firstly, it is estimated that 28 Covid-related deaths occurred in the Faroes in the March 2020-February 2022 period.

This is equivalent to 518 deaths per 1 million population, which is about five times less than in the UK, the US and Italy but slightly above the figure for Iceland.

Limited disruption to daily life

Secondly, the report lists the Faroes among the countries that experienced least disruption to people’s daily lives.

One reason for this is that safety measures generally came in the form of recommendations rather than being imposed by law.

Reasonable restrictions

Thirdly, the public attitude towards the recommended restrictions was generally positive through most of the pandemic period.

Surveys conducted by the University of the Faroe Islands and the Prime Minister’s Office indicated that a large majority of the Faroese public regarded the safety measures as reasonable.

Some 36 institutions took part in the compilation of the assessment report, which is available here (text in Faroese only).


Read the Faroese version of this article here.

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