Woman “manipulated” into sexually abusing own son

Woman “manipulated” into sexually abusing own son
A Danish woman who sexually abused her own son says she felt compelled to do something to keep male Faroese chat friend interested
The Court of Lyngby, Denmark
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24.05.2018 - 14:16

A Danish woman who has been convicted of sexually abusing her four-year-old son spoke out in court today about the Faroese man facing charges in the same case.

She told the Court of Lyngby in Denmark that she felt compelled to “give something back” to the 42-year-old Faroese man she had been chatting with on LinkedIn in order to keep up the contact with him.

In March, the woman was handed a 45-month prison sentence for having raped her son, among other charges. She pleaded guilty to charges including attempted rape, rape without intercourse, indecent exposure, and recording, possessing and forwarding child pornography, in the period between June and September of last year.

Kringvarp Føroya journalist Kaj Joensen, who is reporting from the Court of Lyngby, said earlier today:

“She explained that shortly after they had made each other’s acquaintance through the LinkedIn chat, they started talking about sex, and that she quickly ‘fell in love’ with the Faroese man.”

The 42-year-old woman told the court that she felt spellbound by the man and said she felt a need to do something to keep him interested.

“She more or less implied that she felt manipulated by the Faroese defendant,” said Joensen.

The woman added that she had never previously sexually abused a child and that it happened because she was in a fragile mental state and she was experiencing problems in her marriage at the time.

The prosecution emphasised that the Faroese defendant manipulated the woman to sexually abuse her son. According to Joensen, the woman appeared to be highly uncomfortable and in a bad mental state during today’s court proceedings.

The Faroese man is accused of 41 charges of sexual abuse, and the sentence is expected to be passed on Monday at the Court of Lyngby in Denmark.

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