Only four active Covid cases

07.09.2020 - 12:36
Only four active Covid cases
Infected Russian sailors are no longer included in the Faroese Covid statistics
The 29 Covid-infected sailors on Russian trawler Yantarnyy no longer feature on the list of active cases in the Faroes

This morning’s latest Covid-19 figures showed a total of 413 people confirmed as having tested positive and 409 registered as recovered.

This means there are only four active cases left in the country, as the 29 sailors on Russian trawler Yantarnyy, who tested positive last month, no longer count toward the country’s total Covid figure.

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The reason for this is that infected people who have not been in contact with the local health authorities for 14 days are automatically deleted from the statistics, regardless of whether they have recovered or not.

The Russian trawler is currently docking in the strait between Tórshavn and Nólsoy after spending a couple of weeks docked at the Port of Kollafjørður, with the crew being banned from leaving the ship.

One Covid patient is now receiving hospital treatment, and no-one is in intensive care. Seven people are listed as being in quarantine.

Location, age and gender

According to the latest figures on, updated on Thursday, Suðurstreymoy still has the highest total number of Covid-19 cases registered since early August, with 100, followed by Eysturoy (19), Suðuroy (12), Sandoy and Norðstreymoy (7), Vágar (4) and Norðoyggjar (2). Faroese expats or foreign nationals account for 72 of the total figure. The location of two cases is not specified.

The 20-29 age group dominates the statistics, with 56 cases registered up until Thursday. Next up is the 10-19 group (19), followed by the 40-49s (18), the 30s-39s (17), the 50-59s (12), the 0-9s and the 70-79s (11), the 60-69s (7) and the 80+ age group (1). The age of one case is not specified.

According to Thursday’s figures, the gender split among those infected is 53 percent men and 47 percent women. Foreign nationals are not included in the age and gender statistics, but Faroese citizens living abroad are.

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