We live much longer now

11.05.2021 - 16:58
We live much longer now
The average life expectancy of people in the Faroes has increased by 6.7 years in the past 30 years

Life expectancy in the Faroes is steadily increasing, reports Statistics Faroe Islands.

In 2019, the average life expectancy in the Faroes was 82.6 years, compared to 75.9 years in 1989 – a difference of 6.7 years in three decades.

The increase applies to both sexes, but men have seen a higher increase over the past 30 years.

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In 1989, the average life expectancy for men in the Faroes was 72.5 years. By 2019, this figure had risen to 80.4 years – an increase of 7.9 years.

Women’s average life expectancy went from 79.5 years in 1989 to 85.3 years in 2019, which is an increase of 5.8 years.

Statistic Faroe Islands points out that there is a significant degree of annual variation in these figures due to the relatively low population in the Faroes.


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