Nightlife defying Covid restrictions

21.01.2022 - 16:13
Nightlife defying Covid restrictions
Nightlife establishments say the 11pm curfew is putting their future is at risk

Bars and nightclubs are planning to defy the recommended 11pm closing time this weekend.

By doing so, they are ignoring the Prime Minister’s plea from today that they wait one more week before resuming their regular opening hours.

According to a new proposal for a rescue package, nightlife establishment will have 100 percent of their fixed costs since 10 December reimbursed on the condition that they have complied with the 11pm curfew recommendation.

“Covid situation is not critical”

Below is a collective statement from owners of bars, nightclubs and restaurants:

“After six weeks of restrictions, we now have zero people receiving hospital treatment for Covid, and we therefore do not regard the situation as critical in this respect.

Our nightlife cannot continue in this state of inertia because it could result in our venues not being able to reopen at all.

Fortunately, the government has promised us a rescue package, which will now be submitted to Parliament. This will go some way towards compensating for lost income for the past six weeks, but rescue packages are not a sustainable solution.

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We are grateful for the support we have received from the government; however, given the current situation, we have decided to resume our regular opening hours.

We have informed the trade ministry that if the situation worsens significantly, we are willing to revise our approach.

Hopefully, the rescue package will be approved by such a time and fewer complications will be associated with any further restrictions.”


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