Villages turning into holiday resorts

24.01.2022 - 16:26
Villages turning into holiday resorts
Much more work needs to be done to encourage locals to live in small villages, says outlying islands association
Four out of five residential houses in Gásadalur (pictured) are used as holiday homes

The number of houses with year-round occupants in small villages in on a steady decline.

Only 20 percent of the houses in the popular tourist village of Gásadalur have year-round occupants. The remaining houses are used as holiday homes.

The same applies in Elduvík, where four out of five houses are either vacant or used as holiday homes.

Similar figures can be found in Gjógv, Árnafjørður, Svínoy, Fugloy and Mikladalur.

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“The current rural areas development policy is 20 years old. It has never been more important than right now to upgrade this policy,” says Olga Biskupstø, chairwoman of the outlying islands association.

The association is worried that increasing attention from foreign property investors is pushing house prices up, which will push local people even further back in the property queue.

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“For the past 20 years we have been asking the authorities to ensure access to residential houses on the outlying islands so that the next generation and others are given the opportunity to settle down there if they should wish to do so,” the association wrote in a 2018 press release.

After repeated calls from municipalities for clearer regulations on the rights of foreign real estate investors, a law was passed last month which states that foreign nationals with no affiliation to the Danish Kingdom can no longer purchase property in the Faroes without specific government permission.


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