No food shortage on the horizon

08.04.2022 - 10:38
No food shortage on the horizon
As long as we stick to our normal grocery shopping habits, we’ll be fine, says minister
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The war in Ukraine is unlikely to significantly affect food security in the Faroes. Supply chains remain operational, and we continue to import the food we need.

This is the reply from Magnus Rasmussen, the Minister of Trade and the Environment, to MP Beinta Løwe, who enquired about what is being done to ensure food security amid rising food prices caused by the war in Ukraine.

“Food prices have increased across the world, and the Faroe Islands are no exception,” said the minister.

“The rising food prices add a financial burden on households, but the government is not currently working on any specific measures to prevent food shortage in our country.”

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The MP also asked about plans to boost the Faroese agriculture industry to increase local food production.

“Agriculture is an important factor in our local food production, but this industry is too small for us to place any considerable reliance on it at the moment,” the minister replied.

“We have initiated a new agriculture policy, which will encourage increased production, but this is a long-term project.”

In case of worsening food supplies, he added, the Faroes can tap into its rich maritime resources to meet any needs.

”As long as we do not start hoarding groceries in the stores, there will be plenty of food for everyone.”


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