Police probe into animal cruelty

16.05.2022 - 16:25
Police probe into animal cruelty
Investigations are underway after video footage reveals deliberate killing of a goose

Police are investigating a case of animal cruelty.

A video clip investigated in connection with another case revealed that a driver deliberately ran over a group of geese.

“The footage shows some geese walking along a pavement in Tórshavn,” explains police inspector Heri Andreasen.

A deliberate act

“The camera then shifts to a car driving toward the geese. It drives up onto the pavement and runs over the geese, killing one of them. It is clear that this was done on purpose.”

The driver and the person who recorded the footage have been identified, and they have been charged with vandalism, violation of the Road Traffic Act and violation of the Animal Cruelty Act.

The young men have pleaded guilty to all charges against them.


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