School Games kick off

24.05.2022 - 13:58
School Games kick off
About 120 fourth formers started off the first National School Games in Tórshavn yesterday
The fourth form in the Løgmannabreyt school won the first preliminary round. Photo: Skúlaleikir

Tórshavn’s á Hálsi sports hall and the Tórsbreyt outdoor sports complex yesterday hosted the preliminary round of the first Skúlaleikir National School Games.

About 120 fourth form pupils competed in various disciplines of athletics and a special type of children’s volleyball.

The pupils were given the opportunity to talk to more seasoned athletes and see how they practised.

The fourth form in Hoyvík’s Løgmannabreyt school won the first preliminary round and will proceed to the final, which will take place on 10 June.

A total of more than 1,100 schoolchildren have registered for the National School Games, and further preliminary rounds will be held in Klaksvík, Vágur and elsewhere over the coming days.


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