Recognition of foreign workers’ skills “crucial”

01.08.2019 - 20:08
Recognition of foreign workers’ skills “crucial”
Many of the foreign workers in the Faroes cannot work within their professional field due to lacking recognition of their qualifications

One of the 11 recommendations in a new integration report is to give more recognition to the professional skills of people who come here for work purposes.

A large proportion of foreign-national workers cite lacking recognition of their professional qualifications as a key obstacle for successful integration in the Faroe Islands, according to the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs.

Qualifications not approved here

Many foreigners in the Faroes have professional qualifications in a wide variety of fields, but they are unable to find work in their field because their qualifications are not recognised here.

The leaves many well-educated foreign nationals who come here to work with no job or working in unskilled jobs.

A more flexible approach

Acknowledging this problem, the report urges the authorities to allow for a more flexible approach when assessing foreigners’ professional qualifications.

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The report suggests that the skills assessment units at institutions such as the University of the Faroe Islands and the Unemployment Service (ALS) could help speed up the screening process.

This, the report argues, could bypass the slow process of processing residency permits, which is proving particularly problematic given the current staff shortage across all sectors.

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