New Red Cross clothes recycling store in Suðuroy

29.08.2019 - 20:19
New Red Cross clothes recycling store in Suðuroy
Containers are being set up across Suðuroy, making it easier to donate clothes to the charity

Red Cross Faroe Islands opened its third recycling store this week in Vágur, Suðuroy.

With the opening of the new store comes a restructuring of the charity’s clothes recycling service on the island.

Easier for people in Suðuroy

Up to now, Suðuroy citizens who wanted to donate clothes either had to travel to one of the two Red Cross stores in Tórshavn or send them in the mail.

To make it easier for people in Suðuroy to donate their clothes, the charity has now set up recycling containers across the island.

The clothes will then be sent to the Red Cross headquarters in Tórshavn where they are cleaned and sorted and then sent back to the new store in Vágur.

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