MPs to vote on new Administration of Justice Act

11.11.2019 - 06:48
MPs to vote on new Administration of Justice Act
An updated Administration of Justice Act containing more than 1,000 provisions will soon be submitted to Parliament

MPs will soon be voting on an updated Administration of Justice Act, also known as the Procedural Code.

The updated version of the Act is a comprehensive document containing more than 1,000 provisions, including regulations on how legal processes should be conducted and details on how the police and the national prosecution service should handle criminal cases.

Although the Act is Danish, it has been executed differently in the Faroes and in Denmark.

The existing Faroese law dates back to 1988, with the exception of a few amendments. More than 200 amendments have been made to the Danish Act which have not been put into force in the Faroes.

Necessary update

“The Administration of Justice Act is a joint affair between Danish and Faroese authorities, and as such it makes good sense that we bring the Faroese regulations in line with those being practised in Denmark,” says Prime Minister Bárður á Steig in a press release.

A working group consisting of 12 Faroese and Danish legal experts was appointed in March 2017 to prepare the new Act.


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