Subsea tunnel opening facing possible delays

23.01.2020 - 13:23
Subsea tunnel opening facing possible delays
It is taking longer than expected to fix leaks inside the Eysturoy-Tórshavn subsea tunnel

The subsea tunnel between Runavík and Tórshavn is due to open in December this year, but doubts have arisen on whether the schedule will hold up.

Project leader Teitur Samuelsen says it is too early to say if all the work will be completed on time, but he acknowledges that they are starting to feel some pressure regarding the schedule.

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Samuelsen says leak repair work is taking longer than expected, and this is slowing down other work, some of which cannot be completed until the leaks are fixed.

Work began on the Eysturoy-Tórshavn subsea tunnel in 2016. The tunnel is expected to reduce commuting times between the two islands by up to an hour.

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