Covid-19 tests free of charge throughout July

03.07.2020 - 08:16
Covid-19 tests free of charge throughout July
With no legal right to charge incoming travellers, Faroese authorities need to pay for the mandatory Covid-19 tests for the rest of this month
Health minister Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen

The temporary free-of-charge Covid-19 testing system put in place at the airport and at the Port of Tórshavn was due to expire on 10 July.

According to the original plan, tourists would then pay DKK 390 to get tested after 10 July.

But now health minister Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen has announced that this date has been extended until the end of the month. This is done because it has emerged that the authorities are not allowed to charge tourists for tests.

“Then we will see what solution we come up with,” he says. “Testing costs are estimated at DKK 2 million per week, and I will try to find this money somewhere.”


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