Covid-19 testing sites under great pressure

05.08.2020 - 13:11
Covid-19 testing sites under great pressure
Hundreds of people are queuing outside Tórshavn’s National Hospital waiting to get tested after 14 new Covid-19 cases were announced today
A long queue of cars outside the National Hospital's drive-through testing station is causing traffic disruptions today

In the wake of this morning’s news of 16 new Covid-19 cases since yesterday, hundreds of people are now seeking to get tested, placing great pressure on the country’s three testing stations.

Margit Stórá, COO of the National Hospital, says the number of people being tested today is higher than when the Covid situation peaked in mid-March.

At noon today, some 250 people had been tested, and there was still a long queue of cars outside the hospital’s drive-through testing station at the time.

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About 160 people were tested at Klaksvík Hospital this morning. The testing station has closed for today but will open again tomorrow at 10am.

The testing station at Suðuroy Hospital in Tvøroyri is similarly busy today. The number of people getting tested is about the same as when the Covid-19 situation peaked. Hospital manager Hans Pauli Henryson says that the hospital will go back to testing on a daily basis until further notice.

Opening times

The official opening times for the testing stations are as follows:

- The National Hospital, Tórshavn: weekdays 9am-12noon

- Klaksvík Hospital: weekdays 10am-11am

- Suðuroy Hospital, Tvøroyri: weekdays 12noon-1pm.

These times are likely to be extended if demand calls for it.

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A GP prescription is required in order to be tested. If you cannot reach your GP, call the emergency Covid-19 hotline on 1870.

The line is open from 8am to 8pm, but its operating hours will be extended due to the current pressure.

Pharmacies across the country have reported a big increase in sales of protective masks and disinfectants since yesterday.

For more information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit


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