Position as head of Faroe representation in Israel

12.09.2020 - 04:53
Position as head of Faroe representation in Israel
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking for the right person to head the representation of the Faroe Islands in Tel Aviv
The new Representation of the Faroe Islands in Israel will be located in Tel Aviv

The foreign ministry is now accepting applications for the position as head of the representation of the Faroe Islands in Israel.

Job requirements include representing Faroese authorities in correspondence with Israeli authorities and other representation offices in Tel Aviv, as well as creating and managing relations within Israeli trade and culture.

The successful applicant will be required to hold a higher education degree in a relevant field, have public administration experience, have a solid insight into foreign affairs and have strong communication skills in Faroese and English.

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Experience in the field of diplomatic activities is considered a distinct advantage.

The Faroese representation office in Tel Aviv will be the seventh of its kind. The others are in Beijing, Brussels, London, Moscow, Reykjavík and Copenhagen.

The start date for the Tel Aviv job is 1 November or as soon as possible.

For contact information, visit the foreign ministry’s website.


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