Covid vaccine may arrive in the Faroes this year

13.10.2020 - 14:21
Covid vaccine may arrive in the Faroes this year
If all goes according to plan, Covid-19 vaccines may be available in the Faroes by the end of this year, says doctor

Researchers across the world are working at historic speed to find a vaccine for Covid-19, and it is not unlikely that one will be available this year.

This is the view of the health ministry’s Covid-19 consultant Dr Bjarni á Steig.

“I must stress that it is too early to offer any guarantees, but some of the many vaccines currently being tested have reached the final stages of human trials,” he says.

“One of these vaccines is looking particularly promising, and study participants are currently being tested in public for immunity.”

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The allocation of vaccines in the Faroes has not yet been decided, but according to chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller, people in risk groups and elderly people will probably be given priority.

Prime minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen told news portal Vágaportalurin this morning that vaccines in will be free of charge.

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