Ten versus six days in quarantine

26.07.2021 - 18:30
Ten versus six days in quarantine
The Faroese healthcare system is more fragile than the Danish one, which is why we stick to a ten-day quarantine rather than Denmark’s six-day system
Chief medical officer answers a quarantine question from a concerned father

People in the Faroes who have been in contact with a Covid infected person are required to quarantine for ten days.

In Denmark, you are released from this quarantine if you test negative six days after your exposure.

A Faroese parent, who has been forced to quarantine for ten days with his three young children, last week called on the Faroese health authorities to explain this difference in Faroese and Danish quarantine rules.

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According to chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller, there have been instances in the Faroes where Covid symptoms did not emerge until ten days after arrival from abroad.

“We recommend a ten-day quarantine because the Faroese healthcare system is more fragile than the Danish one,” he says.

Covid testing at ólavsøka

Testing will be available at Tórshavn’s Eirargarður testing site on the two days of ólavsøka (this Wednesday and Thursday).

The centre opens at 10.30am on Wednesday and at 11.30am on Thursday.

Register for testing here.


For further information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit corona.fo.

Read the Faroese version of this article here.

Translated by prosa.fo.

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