Tailored vocational guidance for immigrants

03.10.2021 - 06:42
Tailored vocational guidance for immigrants
The Guidance Centre in Tórshavn offers a wide range of services for immigrants, including assessment of overseas qualifications
Vegleiðingarstovan is located at Hoydalsvegur 1 in Tórshavn

The ‘Førleikar fyri skeytið’ (‘Skills gone to waste’) documentary aired on Thursday shed light on an all-too-familiar problem: it is difficult for immigrants to practice their profession in the Faroes.

But there is help at hand.

Vegleiðingarstovan (the Guidance Centre) in Tórshavn offers tailored guidance on issues regarding education, work, personal development and on living in general.

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The centre opened in 2019 and is seeing an increasing demand from people with a non-Faroese background.

“Our services include helping immigrants get their academic qualifications assessed. We’re happy to help,” says career guidance councillor Turid Christophersen.

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Translated by prosa.fo.

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