Lifelong guidance

07.11.2019 - 21:51
Lifelong guidance
A new guidance centre in Tórshavn offers services to people of all ages who have education- and work-related questions

The purpose of Vegleiðingarstovan (the Guidance Centre) is to help people of all ages with their personal and professional development based on the person’s individual needs.

According to the staff at the centre, providing lifelong guidance not only helps people make choices that are right for them; it can also have a positive effect on the national economy.

“Tailored career guidance helps people get back on their feet if they lose their jobs or they have arrived at a crossroads in life, and that benefits the individual, the employer and society in general,” says project manager Kristianna Mortansdóttir

An alternative to student guidance in schools

The Guidance Centres regards itself as an alternative to the student guidance services available at educational institutions.

“We offer guidance to everyone, including people who are not actively involved with the education system,” says Mortansdóttir.

“It is important to have the option to receive guidance on issues regarding education, work, personal development and on living in general.”

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