Border testing to stop on 31 January

17.01.2022 - 17:30
Border testing to stop on 31 January
Most new Covid cases are infected through community spread, says epidemic commission

Testing resources will be moved away from the borders on 31 January.

“We are no longer in a situation in which we need to prevent Covid from entering the country. A vast majority of the positive tests results now come from within the country,” says Michael Boolsen, police chief and head of the epidemic commission.

“Only a low percentage of the positive tests are now established at the border, and many of these turn out to be from people who have already recovered and are no longer contagious.”

Other changes

The epidemic commission no longer deems it necessary to quarantine for two days after arrival from abroad.

Boolsen is, however, keen to point out that all travellers are still strongly recommended to get tested two days after arrival from abroad.

“Our figures show that we actually detect a higher number of positive results from these day 2 tests than we do from the tests taken on arrival.”

The epidemic commission discussed a number of other measures at today’s meeting, including the maximum number of people allowed for gatherings, and recommendations have been submitted to the government. Boolsen declined to comment on the details of these recommendations.


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