Playground reserved for Covid-struck families

20.01.2022 - 17:17
Playground reserved for Covid-struck families
Klaksvík has come up with a refreshing alternative to indoor quarantine
The colourful playground at Klaksvík’s Kráargøta

Klaksvík City Council is offering children who have tested Covid positive the chance to relax and have fun in an environment that is safe for all.

From today until 1 February, these children and their parents will get exclusive access to the city’s colourful playground at Kráargøta.

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”Many children in Klaksvík municipality are or have been infected, and we want to help them get out of the confines of their homes,” says Jóhanna Christiansen, of the council’s culture committee.

”We all need to get fresh air and have some fun, but this can be difficult these days. So we hope this initiative will help.”

Signs have been set up around the playground specifying that only Covid-infected people are allowed in the area.

New testing site in Eysturoy

In related news: a Covid testing site is being set up in the Eydnan village hall in Oyrarbakki, Eysturoy.

Testing will start on 25 January and will be available every Tuesday and Thursday over the next three weeks.

Testing is free of charge. Pre-register at


For further information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, including daily figures, visit

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