A weekend of tattoo goodness

20.05.2022 - 16:57
A weekend of tattoo goodness
Some of the world’s top tattoo artists are gathering in Tórshavn for the tenth annual FO Tatt Fest
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If you want to see true artists at work, visit Tórshavn’s Nordic House this weekend.

So says Karin Leyvudóttir, one of the organisers of annual tattoo festival FO Tatt Fest.

”It’s a bit like visiting an atelier where multiple artists are creating their work,” she says.

The festival, which starts today and continues until Sunday evening, features 23 of the top tattoo artists in the world.

Visitors will also be treated to live music, an art exhibition, a talk on sailor tattoos and an award ceremony for exceptional tattoo art.

Entry to Tatt Fest 2022 is free of charge, but tickets are required for tomorrow night’s memorial concert in honour of the founder of the Tatt Fest, Fjølnir Geir Bragason, who passed away in December last year.

Further details about Tatt Fest 2022 are available here and here.


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