New headquarters for Smyril Line

21.06.2022 - 14:04
New headquarters for Smyril Line
New 8,000 square-metre building is scheduled for completion in 2024
An artist’s impression of the planned Smyril Line headquarters on the main pier at the Port of Tórshavn. Photo:

Shipping company Smyril Line has long wanted to consolidate all its on-land activities under one roof.

This will finally become a reality in 2024 when the company’s new headquarters is expected to be completed.

“We have suffered from a lack of space for many years, especially in our cargo department, with the consequence that we have had to spread out our activities over three different buildings in Tórshavn,” Smyril Line CEO Jens Meinhard Rasmussen told Danish shipping magazine

An iconic feature

“In our new headquarters, we will have a passenger terminal, a warehouse and offices all under one roof. Together with our architects, we will construct a building which will become an iconic feature of the Port of Tórshavn.”

The project is currently at the planning stage, so the exact project cost has not yet been determined.

Smyril Line, which employs 549 staff members, reported profits of DKK 16 million last year.


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