Happy days for hotels

04.07.2022 - 16:48
Happy days for hotels
Last year saw the highest ever number of hotel visitors, and this year’s figure is likely to rise even higher
The number of hotel overnight stays almost tripled year-on-year in May this year

Faroese hotels registered 173,913 overnight stays last year, which is the highest figure since Statistics Faroe Islands began compiling hotel data 2013.

Overnight stays are used as a measurement of the number of visitors and the duration of their stays.

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This year may well turn out to be even better than last year, according to the latest figures. Almost 30,000 overnight stays were registered in May, which is 3,500 more than last year’s May and June combined.

Last year’s number of overnight stays is an increase of 7,461 on 2019. For comparison, only 94,940 overnight stays were registered throughout 2020, the year when the Covid pandemic massively disrupted the tourism industry.


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