Car dealership announces shortened work week

07.12.2022 - 16:45
Car dealership announces shortened work week
Happy staff equals happy customers, says Wenzel boss

Tórshavn-based car repair shops Wenzel and Bilrøkt will be shortening their work week at the start of the new year.

Full-time staff will go from 40 hours down to 36 hours per week. Car repair workers will get Fridays off, while other staff will be working all weekdays but with shorter shifts. Salaries will remain unchanged.

“Studies have shown that a shorter work week reduces stress and improves effectivity,” says Wenzel CEO Rúni Djurhuus.

A trial initiative

“We want to see if we can cut down the work hours and still get the work done. Job satisfaction and a healthy work/life balance are important, so I thought we should give this a go.”

The four-day work week is a trial initiative, and the plan is to assess the results after about six months.

“Our hope is that our staff will be happier, and happy staff equals happy customers. It looks like a win-win,” says Djurhuus.


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